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Presonus Eris E5 vs Yamaha HS8Review & Full.

Yamaha 8" HS8 is a popular and one of the most expensive options. It's in the top 3 bestselling studio monitors and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as PreSonus Sceptre S6 or Adam Audio A5X. Yamaha 8" HS8 is $316.28 more. Yamaha HS8 is a very popular option in the middle of the studio monitors price range. It's in the top 3 bestselling studio monitors and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Yamaha HS Series or Adam Audio T5V. Yamaha HS8 is. PreSonus Eris E3.5 or Yamaha HS8 - Comparing ⭐ Reviews & Differences Compare Real Customer Reviews, Prices, Images,. vs. PreSonus Eris E3.5. Yamaha HS8. Lowest price found: $94.95 this price was last seen 22 hours ago on this listing Show listings Show reviews. Yamaha HS8 or Presonus Eris E8? Well,. Some will prefer the Yamaha some won't. It all comes down to your sound, your space, and your acoustic treatment. More posts from the WeAreTheMusicMakers community. 1.0k. Posted by 2 days ago. Neil Peart, drummer and lyricist for rock band Rush, dies at 67. The Yamaha HS8 studio monitor a pretty beefy son of a gun, to put it mildly. You may remember my Yamaha HS5 vs. KRK Rokit 5 article. The 8 is simply a bass heavier monitor, that also happens to be a lot bigger and heavier physically overall. Both of the HS8 and HS7 monitors have a.

05/05/2018 · “Pleasing” monitors for writing / jamming - HS8 or Eris E8, or.? Hey everyone,. It seems that the front runners in this space are the Yamaha HS8s and the Presonus Eris E8s. I’ve listened to both and they sound pretty impressive for the price. 24/02/2016 · Are the Presonus Eris 8's the best solution? Argh, I hate trying to decide on monitors. Since emigrating and leaving my old Absolute 2's behind, I have had a my ATH050 and some Vietnamese 6" powered monitors to use. 09/09/2009 · Presonus Eris E8: Eine Mischung als Yamaha und JBL, ebenfalls eher runder und angenehmer Klang im Vergleich zur kratzigen HS8 Box, dabei aber nicht so wummernd wie die JBL Boxen. Mit dem zuschaltbaren Hochpass bei 80HZ hatte ich das Gefühl ziemlich präzise hören zu können was in den Testtracks "so los war" gute Auflösung und klarer Klang. 04/05/2014 · Hi All After 2 years of saving and selling off all my pedals and a nice Marshall JVM 410 I am almost at the point where I will be purchasing a AxeFX 2, I'm on the waiting list and just waiting on the call that they are in stock again. I no longer gig anymore so I will be using the Axe 100% at.

Yamaha’s HS series are seen by some as the long-awaited successor to the company’s ubiquitous NS10M studio monitors, which came onto the market way back in 1978 and can still be found in countless commercial studios to this day. Yamaha quote the HS8’s frequency response as 38Hz–30kHz at the. Presonus Eris E5 is a very popular option in the middle of the studio monitors price range. It has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as PreSonus Eris E.45 HD or PreSonus Eris Studio Monitors. Presonus Eris E5 is $20.80 more expensive than an average studio monitor $178.20.

05/09/2015 · When I was looking, I checked out the Eris E8. but thought they sounded a bit honky in the midrange for my ears, especially when the mix got busy. The KRK Rockits sound too much like low-end hi-fi speakers and not transparent enough for accurate mixing. I recommend giving the Yamaha. In this article we list the best 8-inch studio monitors available in 2015 from brands such as KRK, Presonus, Yamaha and many more, we point out what to look for when choosing a pair of active studio monitors. When choosing Studio Monitors it's hard to gauge which ones you should be looking at.

23/01/2016 · Home > The Forums > So Much Gear, So Little Time Yamaha HS8 vs KRK Rokit 8 G3 Gearslutz is part-supported by our visitors. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The Yamaha HS8's and E8's were of those few and I had a chance to A/B both speakers for over an hour each. I needed an eight inch monitor that was going to deliver in the low end enough to be able to tell what's going on down there. The E8's did not lack, in fact, I think they even went lower than the HS8's. Anche la risposta sui riverberi e' molto buona e rispetto al modello precedente e' meno mediosa e meno stridente sugli alti. caratteristica delle yamaha Anche se e' una cassa economica in fase di mix si comportano molto bene e si ottiene un risultato finale anche migliori di casse che costano di piu'. Belonging to the popular HS series, the Yamaha HS8 takes its rightful spot among our top picks. One of the things that stood out for the Yamaha HS8 was the simple yet appealing aesthetics of the design. Moving on to a relatively new monitor on the market, we come to the PreSonus Eris E8.

“Pleasing” monitors for writing / jamming - HS8 or.

Presonus Eris E5/E8. Similar to the 305’s, but less neutral. The E8 is ideal for more bass heavy music, as it’s frequency range goes down to 35 Hz. A Step Up. Yamaha HS8/HS7. The HS8’s bass is deeper and hits harder than the HS5’s. For another article with in depth info on the HS8: Yamaha HS8 vs. HS7. Comparaison Eris e8 et Yamaha HS7: PreSonus Eris E8. Bonjour. Je cherche actuellement une paire d’enceinte me permettant d’écouter de la musique, faire sortir le son d’une guitare par l’intermédiaire d’une carte son externe dédiée Toneport UX2 chez Line 6 et faire quelques petits mixages en amateur. Thanks for the A2A. I'm sorry, but I tend to not talk about stuff I haven't had a chance to listen to. I can tell you a lot about the Yamaha NS10s, but don't know whether Yamaha were going for a modern active version of these, or if they've moved. Yamaha HS8 can be an excellent choice if you want a studio monitor with a good minimalist look without being too fancy. As mentioned above, both PreSonus E66 vs Yamaha HS8 come with MDF enclosures. The material is known to have good acoustic dampening properties, which help to eliminate unwanted resonance and ensure accurate sound reproduction. [Studio monitors for 400€ or less] Presonus eris E8 vs Yamaha HS7: worth the extra money? Hi everyone! I've been making/learning music for a while now. My current speakers are, let's say, underwhelming and not suited for the job at all.

09/09/2014 · Personnellement mon choix se porterai sur les Eris E8 car j'ai lu tant d'avis positifs sur ces monitors, alors que sur les yamaha HS8, très peu d'avis encore même s'ils sont en général très positifs, j'ai l'impression que ces monitors n'ont néanmoins pas vraiment conquis les home-studistes par rapport aux eris. Final Word. Luckily for you, there is a really easy solution here. If you’re looking to spend around $300 or less on a pair of monitors, go with the JBL LSR305’s.They are light-years better than the Rokit’s for the same price, and still pack a ridiculous punch even though they are marketed as reference monitors which they are. Yamaha Genos. €3,695. £3,136.72. 7. Presonus StudioLive Series III 32R. €1,389. I've been comparign them next to some yamahas hs8 and I can barely hear difference in the sound,. PreSonus Eris E8 monitors.8/2013 Read review · Read conclusion. Online Guides. Show all.

Eris E8 Vs Yamaha Hs8

KRK Rokit RP8 vs. Yamaha HS8 vs. JBL lsr 308 vs.

30/03/2016 · Sono tutte molto robuste guarda anche le nuove Presonus R65 oppure la serie sempre Eris E44/66. Le devo provare ma in particolare le R65 ispirano assai. Imho comunque le Eris E8 sono superiori alle Hs8 e di molto, più neutre e definite in tutto lo spettro, molto più traslabile un mix fatto sulle Eris. On the other hand, the Eris series are much more affordable and can directly compete with successful products like the Mackie MRmk3 and Yamaha HS. Nevertheless, PreSonus is still a newcomer to this market so the battle will be tough. But luckily, the Eris E8 we review here has more than one trick up its sleeve. It's a Black Box. Strumenti Musicali > Home Recording > Monitor da Studio > PRESONUS Eris E8 PRESONUS Eris E8 5/5 Vota o recensisci questo articolo. € 225,00. Spedito Gratis! Disponibilità immediata. YAMAHA HS8. €265,00 €255,00-3% Disponibilità immediata. PRESONUS Eris E4.5 coppia €189,00 €175,00-7% Disponibilità immediata.

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