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Solaris 9 FTP Trouble - SunSolaris - Tek-Tips.

16/03/2006 · You kind of know what ftp is saying, so truss in this direction is useless. Instead, truss inetd with the -f option, if inetd is pid 916, % cd /tmp % script Script started, file is typescript so you can save the output % truss -f -p 916 then invoke "ftp localhost" from a window that isn't passing through inetd. ssh is a candidate, or xterm. Hi: To set up anonymous FTP on solaris 9 is better to create a standar user called ftp and after that you can use the commandftpconfig . Configuring Telnet / FTP to login as root Solaris by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator. Now before getting into the details of how to configure Solaris for root logins, keep in mind that this is VERY BAD security. Make sure that you NEVER configure your production servers for this type of login. two interfaces routing. This was replaced by a Solaris 9 SunFire V210 64 bit only, with IPF 3.4.35 compiled on it and the same configuration as on the PC. Then with FTP proxy rules in ipnat.conf, IPF did not pass any FTP-related packets not even those of the control connection to the other interface, as verified by snoop. Solaris 9 without patch 114564-09; x86 Platform. Solaris 9 without patch 114565-09; Notes: Solaris 8 and Solaris 10 are not affected by this issue. This issue only affects systems configured as FTP servers with either the 'restricted-uid' or 'restricted-gid' clause in the ftpaccess4 file.

20/02/2006 · ls -l ftp The only file beginning with "ftp" in the "/etc" directory is the subdirectory "/etc/ftpd". For this reason "ls -l ftp" will show the contents of the "ftpd" subdirectory. Try "cat /etc/ftpd/ftphosts". read5, 0x000406A4, 8192 = 0 The line above shows that the problem is the FTP server, not the client. The server closes the connection. 10/11/2006 · Hi! I'm executing an ftp from a ZOS system to a Solaris 9. The file transfer is correct, but the files arrive with rw-r--r-- permissions. I need those files to have rw-rw-r- This site contains packages from Sun's "Companion CD" of free software, like gcc, emacs, etc. You can download packages by hand, but they are optimized for download by. To check if a Solaris machine has ftp enabled: [bash]inetadm grep ftp check the status inetadm -e ftp enable inetadm -d ftp disable[/bash].

Programmi per FTP di Salvatore Aranzulla. Dopo aver letto la mia guida dedicata ai migliori hosting per WordPress, hai deciso di aprire il tuo primo blog affidandoti a questo famosissimo CMS.Per una gestione completa dei file e per risolvere eventuali problematiche legate a malfunzionamenti dei plugin, ti è stato consigliato di installare sul computer un programma che consenta di. Configuration FTP Solaris 9 Hi! I'm executing an ftp from a ZOS system to a Solaris 9. The file transfer is correct, but the files arrive with rw-r--r-- permissions. I need those files to have rw-rw-r-- permissions for a former processing. I'm using TCP Wrappers, in the inetd.c. Ftp and telnet to Solaris 8/9 Hi, When I telnet or ftp to a Unix machine running Solaris 8 or 9, it usually takes about 3 minutes to give me the login prompt, does anyone know why it takes so long to get the prompt? Thanks! JosephLook in your /etc/nsswitch.conf file. This shows t. Solaris 9: delay on ftp connection - Sun Solaris. I have a curious problem with connecting to the wu_ftpd FTP server in Solaris 9 across a VPN. The symptom is that there's a delay of about 20 seconds at the point marked below: $ ftp test4 Connected to test4. <----- 20 second delay here 220 test4 FTP server Version wu-2.6.2Sun ready.

For security purposes, administrators may wish to disable telnet incoming connections on a Solaris 10 system. The post below is a short how-to on how to disable or enable telnet on Solaris 10. Disabling telnet on Solaris 10. 1. Login into the system using ssh or rsh and check current telnet service status. 17/03/2005 · We are experiencing a strange problem whereas the edtFTPj FTPclient when run against Solaris 9 ftp daemon out of the box, exits after roughly 1.5 to 2 hrs. The client is using PASV mode for all the interaction with the FTP server and is able to do activities in this mode for first 1.5/2 hrs.

Configuration FTP Solaris 9 Oracle Community.

Solaris 9 FTP Trouble Oracle Community.

Il protocollo FTP, acronimo di File Transfer Protocol, è uno dei più utilizzati in ambito IT. Spesso, è necessario configurarlo per effettuare scansioni, trasferimenti di file in generale o anche connessioni remote. Per uno di questi scopi, appunto, potresti esserti domandato come creare server FTP. Companion CD packages are also available via the UNIX Packages website, including the latest versions built for Solaris 10 Update 11 for SPARC and X86. This has been updated and expanded to 110 packages See Solaris 10 U11 Companion CD/DVD. Earlier Solaris 8, 9, 10 releases are available in our ISO archives. See Companion CD/DVD.

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