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hey while compiling the cobol pgm thru foreground that is going thru 4.17 in ispf panel there will be a option called compiler options and there u can specify ssrange. COBOL Programming: Hi, I Havebeen asked in interview regarding Tables in Cobol. What happens if we use SSRANGE and NOSSRANGE,If any body nose explain in. The use of SSRANGE can incorrectly generate the IGZ0072S message and a U4038 abend at runtime when OCCURS DEPENDING ON. PI68279: IGZ0072S ABEND INCORRECTLY ISSUED WITH SSRANGE, OCCURS DEPENDING ON AND SET ADDRESS OF. ENT COBOL FOR Z. Fixed component ID. 5655EC600. Applicable component levels. R610 PSY UI40709.

If you set SSRANGE without an integer, the behavior is the same as SSRANGE"2". For unbounded groups or their subordinate items, checking is done only for reference modification expressions. Subscripted or indexed references to tables subordinate to an unbounded group are not checked. In other words if you do not have 'SSRANGE' as compiler option, even if you access 11th occurence of an array of size 10. it would still not object but you can not predict the results as mmwife mentioned. The new suboption, SSRANGEMSG, will add new capabilities beyond what was originally provided by SSRANGE. 1. Programming Guide -> Compiling and debugging your program -> Compiler Options -> SSRANGE SSRANGE Use SSRANGE to generate code that checks for out-of-range storage references. The use of SSRANGE can incorrectly generate the IGZ0072S message and a U4038 abend at runtime when OCCURS DEPENDING ON. PI66048: IGZ0072S ABEND INCORRECTLY ISSUED WITH SSRANGE, OCCURS DEPENDING ON AND SET ADDRESS OF. ENT COBOL FOR Z. Fixed component ID. 5655W3200. Applicable component levels. R520 PSY UI41146.

Chapter 5: COBOL Compiler Directives This chapter presents information that is relevant if you were previously using Compiler directives with Workbench. It describes the way in which you use Mainframe Express to set Compiler directives, and differences in default Compiler directive settings between Workbench and Mainframe Express. As with cobol v5 and higher for each area in linkage section there is a single bll, alternative to using the unbounded clause it is possible, without worsening the performance, to bypass the ssrange checks by declaring the length of the area in linkage close to the maximum possible for the cobol.

Incorrect output: Although SSRANGE code is generated for reference modifications, the IGYSC2253-W warning message is not produced unless the program also includes at least one table no actual table access is required. Enterprise COBOL for z/OS, V6.1 delivers the following runtime and performance-related enhancements: o WORKING-STORAGE will be acquired from HEAP storage in all cases, so that there are almost no exceptions to when the STORAGExx runtime option will affect WORKING-STORAGE. SPANNED files are the exception.

11/08/2019 · Running COBOL Programs using JCL - In order to execute a COBOL program in batch mode using JCL, the program needs to be compiled and a load module is created with all the sub-programs. The JCL us. Parameter: integer The level of SSRANGE support required. The possible values are: 1 At run-time, subscripts and indexes are checked to ensure they are not referencing an area outside the table, and reference modified items are checked for negative or zero value. a ssrange – job will fail in the second perform for out of range array checking when ws-var value. is 6 as ws-array has only 5 occurrences. a. b nossrange – job will go into infinite loop in the second perform loop as ws-var will never be greater than 9. 2. consider a cobol cics db2 program which is. Look in the index of the COBOL Pgmr's Guide for the compiler you're using. It must be COBOLII or later. ADV Default ADV=YES YES Adds one byte to the record length for the printer control character. This option might be useful to programmers who use WRITE..ADVANCING in their source files. The first character of the record does not have to be explicitly reserved by the programmer. NO.

09/02/2017 · Find Invalid COBOL Data Invalid COBOL data must be found using repetitive testing during the migration process. This data generally cannot be found using a compiler feature or option, but programmatically can be found using COBOL statements such as IF NUMERIC. You can use compiler options such as SSRANGE to flush out the problems during testing. What is SSRANGE, NOSSRANGE? COBOL Interview Questions. What is SSRANGE, NOSSRANGE? These are compile option with respect to subsript out range checking. NOSSRANGE is the default and if chosen, no run time eror will be flagged if your index or subscript goes out of the permissible range.

The COBOL compile option SSRANGE, in conjunction with the LE run-time option CHECK, will intercept attempts by a COBOL program to access an out-of-range entry in a table. When SSRANGE is used, the compiler adds code to every table accessed in the program to ensure the current index value isn’t greater than the OCCURS value. Because option values stated in the CBL stmt override those stated in the JCL PARM. Since SSRANGE is used by developers for debugging and its reputation as performance degrader it's not a good idea to use it in production. The LIST option provides the assembler expansion of all COBOL stmts producing an expanded listing. SSRANGE COBOL compile option in COBOL 6.1 Leonard.John.J 157 Edited. I am a bit puzzled by what I am seeing when I utilize this compile option because it seems to indicate there is a problem there is not. I have this snippet of code you see below. The. パラメーター: integer 必要な SSRANGE のサポート レベルを指定します。使用できる値は、次のとおりです。 1 実行時に、添え字および索引がチェックされてテーブル外の領域を参照していないことが確認され、負またはゼロの値でないか部分参照項目がチェックされます。. COBOL or Common Business Oriented Language is an English like compiled programming language used mainly for business COBOL Interview questions with answers will help you prepare for technical interviews and online selection tests during campus placement for freshers and job interviews for professionals. COBOL Interview questions with answers 1.

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